Monday, January 5, 2009

Top 5 Bollywood Best choreographed song of 2008

My ideal Bollywood choreographer is Saroj Khan, she is the goddess and most talented and creative "Dance Master." Since 80's she is the most popular choreographer in Indian Film Industry, in late 80's till 90's well known actress AKA "Dancing Queens" such as Sri Devi and Madhuri Dixit, only danced to her choreography and gave numerous amount of hits। Saroj Khan is known to give best signature steps that pretty much did wonders to the dances. There are many talented choreographers now that are doing extremely well and known for their creative style, I will be talking about them in future so you get to know them and their well known work in Bollywood Films. For now I have selected Top 5 Dance videos from Hindi movies in 2008 which I consider it to be better than the rest. Hope you also agree and enjoy the pick.. comments are appreciated, Thank you :)


Dostana “Maa Ka Ladlaa”

Choreographer : Vaibhavi Merchant

This dance video from recent hit movie “Dostana” was fun to watch, music is definitely upbeat and vibrant, blending Bhangra beats one can’t help but move to this song. Choreography is very bollywoodish filled with jatkas & matkas, and pretty simple but its high energy and amazing performance by Abhishek Bachan, John Abraham & Priyanka Chopra makes this video look very refreshing. The concept of this video is truly hysterical and background vibrant dancers enhance the look of this video and make it seem very entertaining and festive.

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Kismat Konnection “Aa Pappi

Choreographer: Ahmed Khan

Undoubtedly Shahid Kapoor is a fabulous dancer in Bollywood, he’s trained under Shiamak Davar a renowned Bollywood Choreographer who runs a successful dance school all over India। I defiantly look forward to watching someone that you know puts heart and soul into their performance and Shahid is one of them। He’s truly a fantastic performer and has done an awesome job in this song “ Aa Pappi” from Kismat Konnection., especially the main step “swim step” at 54 secs flows seamlessly and credit goes to Shahid and his choreographer Ahmed. Well executed movements and with solid choreography.


Jaane tu Jaane na – “Paapu can’t dance sala”

Choreographer: Rajeev Soorti

Simple yet effective, creative and unique. Now the trend is that you should not be afraid to sing it to your “friend” who you know has hard time shaking it right ;). The concept is fresh so it makes the dance look stylish & hip. I like it a lot since it meant to show what actual songs is all about. But Paapu Can’t Dance Sala...:)=


Krazzy 4- "Krazzy 4"

Choreographer : Ganesh Acharaya

One word SPECTACULAR.. OYE IT’S HRITHIK after all and he makes this video look like millions. Hrithik sizzles with electrifying energy, vitality and class. He truly is a dynamic performer & exuberant choreography by Ganesh.


Race “Khawab Dekhe”

Choreographer: Bosco/Ceaser/ Ganesh Acharya

I am not a big fan of Katrina when it comes to her acting or dancing, indeed she is sexy but I had yet to see her dance skills. At the moment the trend in Bollywood is very sexy, hip and highly influenced by Hip Hop & Funk dance styles, whatever happened to beautiful traditional/ semi classical Indian songs??? Anyway, every video nowadays is an imitation of Beyonce, Britney, Shakira, PCD etc style, which I believe works for some and looks disastrous on some. All I am saying is :: sell me the “steps” honey! :: What I like about this song is that there are more dancing sequences rather than simple posing and lip-syncing as you may see happening in other videos. I love this types of choreography which is sensual, graceful and energetic. Katrina looks sexy and sharp with her dance moves, Saif Ali Khan has made a good attempt and over all is a great dance video in this entire movie.


Golmaal Returns " Meow"

Choreographer - Unknown

It is really okay to be inspired by one and come up with something that can be original and creative not a copy. Genuinely if you try and strive to make it look as good that one can see the effort and will appreciate it and will remember you for being that gutsy and unique. In this video “MEOW” is not about the choreography, is not about the concept and is not about the song.

IS ABOUT KAREENA KAPOOR who makes this video looks so hideous. She has nothing catlike about her or expressions and solidity in her dance movements. She looks great and her body is passable but where is her ATTITUDE, it’s very obvious that this song is an actual imitation of BEYONCE’S KITTY KAT. Well Beyonce is an electrifying, and thrilling performer to watch and to watch some one impersonate her better be danm good. In Meow Kareena lacks presence and style that this song requires and so songs looks pale and is a flop show. And it’s the worst of 2008!!


  1. Awesome, Keep up the great work. You are def meant to shine - VP

  2. Very creative and shows great insight into various forms of choreography that Bollywood has to offer.

  3. are bang on abt Ms.Kapoor's inability to be 'cat like'! Keep writing..good stuff...:-)


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